Measurements and Stat Updates 4th March 2018

Tomorrow Macro Cycle 2 starts so I wanted to post my current measurements, weight and theoretical 1rm’s for tracking purposes, I’ve now been out of jail for exactly 2 months and my progress in that time has been nothing short of phenomenal, I’m still a long way off where I was in my early 20’s as far as weight, strength and bodyfat goes but that’s life.

At the moment the plan is to keep going hard bulking until September, then cut for next summer. That’s another solid 6 month of bloatmaxxing so it’ll be interesting to see where I’m at then;

Estimated 1-rep max

Sumo Deadlift 113kg

Bench Press 70kg

Back Squat 120kg

Bent Over Rows 87.5kg


21st Jan 2018 75.1kg Today 82.0kg +6.9kg/9.2%


21st Jan 2018 18.5% Today 19.5% +1%


Chest 108cm

Waist 88cm

Hip 100cm

Waist to Hip Ratio 0.88

Arm 36cm

Thigh (20cm superior to crest of patella) 54cm

Weight graph (From my Instagram)


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